My Latest Bargain Hunts

Hi there ladies! Once again, it's finally the End of Season Sale. So I'm sharing here some of the items I got last weekend. Join me in this journey and click refresh from time to time for my latest finds. 🙂 Zara I got the floral dress for 10USD while the striped top for 13USD.… Continue reading My Latest Bargain Hunts

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When to Trash Your Makeup?

High quality makeup products come with a price tag. This is the main reason why we fail to toss them out until we consumed every last drop. Some of you may think this is harmless. But this practice can pose risks and even serious health problems. Here's a list of items most of us overlook… Continue reading When to Trash Your Makeup?


How I Lost Weight By Eating More

We all have that impression that by eating less, we lose weight faster. I got it all wrong and this post will prove that. Background Let me give an overview of my lifestyle and routine. I have a sedentary lifestyle and it posed so much risks on my health and I had to enroll to… Continue reading How I Lost Weight By Eating More


Asian vs. American Makeup

  Some ladies patronize American brands while some would go for a K-beauty / J-beauty look. I prefer to have best of both worlds so I can mix and match the products I use to create a more spectacular look. The Difference: Skin: Asians: Dewy and glowing skin Americans: Sun-kissed and matte skin Eyebrows: Asians:… Continue reading Asian vs. American Makeup